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Archer Season 2

German billionaire, Herr Conrad Schlotz, controls all European Videotex services. His nubile, out-of-control daughter, Anke, is determined to have her 17th birthday bash at an exclusive Alpine ski resort in Gstaad, Switzerland. El Frente Rojo made threats on the Schlotz heiress, so Malory accepts the mission to guard Schlotz's "princess," a probable devotee to Sharon Stone films. Secretly, Malory wants to score: Schlotz, financing for ISIS and some absinthe, a heady threesome! Some wedding tackle named Wilhelm hooks a razor and Pam hooks a fellow dairy enthusiast. Malory is "classic Mother" and interrupts an intimate Green Russian hot tub party. If what happens in Gstaad stays in Gstaad, will anyone but Lana know the truth about Archer feeling up his kindred spirit? Will Pam keep quiet about her new special friendship--and special cocktail? Will Ray ever reconcile to losing (earning Bronze in men's downhill slalom in the Winter Olympics?) Dukes!

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011